Monday, September 3, 2018

Amazon Subscribe and Save Guide

If you follow us on Facebook at Delaware Deal Finder or participate in our group Online Deals and Steals, you see a lot of post about items on Amazon that are cheaper if you add them to Subscribe and Save.

What is Subscribe and Save? Subscribe and Save is a monthly subscription service, but what is cool is that you can easily add, skip a month and remove items month to month depending on what is a better deal. Each item it typically a 5% savings just to add to you subscription. You can even stumble upon deals where coupons and other discounts are offered for your first subscription. Once you have at least 5 items in your subscription, the discount increases to 15% off everything you have in your subscription. Amazon Family Prime members can unlock 20% off for certain categories, like diapers, baby food and more, while other items remain at 15% savings.

When do I receive the items? You can set up the auto delivery dates on your own and then typically each month on the same date the shipment recurs. You will receive an email so if you forgot about it and don't need another box of paper towels, you will get a reminder to make any updates before the shipping deadline. You can auto set items to a specific recurrence, so if you want toilet paper every other month and soap every three months it's no problem. The key though it to make sure to have at least 5 items each month to unlock the biggest discounts.

5, 15, 20% off? Is that it?
On top of the discounts offered just for adding items to a subscription, you can snag some awesome deals with promos and coupons. If you see a "clip coupon" icon just click on it to redeem. A lot of coupons are only applicable on your first subscription so remember that unless you cancel for the following month, you will see a price increase. That is why I like to change things up each month to get the biggest discounts. Your price is only locked in for the first order, not future orders, so remember to check each month and make adjustments.

How can I cancel a subscription so I don't receive it again? If you snagged an awesome deal but don't want another box of 50 bags of cookies the following month...just cancel the subscription. It's really east to do:
 1) Go to Subscribe and save items under your account
 2) Click on the subscription you want to modify
 3) Click edit

What kind of items are eligible? Everything and anything. The items change frequently. You'll see the basics like toilet paper, paper towels, diapers...things you may want monthly. I've also seen toys, makeup, batteries, the list goes on. That's why it's important to stay up to date with changing your monthly subscriptions. Click here to see all the subscribe and save items.

Here are two views of how you will know an item is eligible for Subscribe and Save. On the left is how it may look on a desktop or in the app if you are viewing the specific item. On the right is how it will appear in the app if you are just scrolling for all subscribe and save items. You will also notice that some items already have a frequency set, like every 2 months for the paper towels. You can still modify this for more or less frequently and cancel all together after the first order. Also, notice the % that is in orange. The 15% is highlighted which means I already have 5 items in my subscription so this would be eligible for 15% off. If you have less items, the 5% will be marked. If it was a Amazon Family qualifying item, it would show 20%.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Back to School Shopping Guide

As we are enjoying our last month of summer, it's time to gear up for back to school! Here is our shopping guide for back to school sales. 

There are some good deals here but also you have to watch out because a lot of similar items are going to be at Walmart for .98 cents vs. $1 at Dollar Tree. It's more about convenience shopping here, but I typically find better deals at big box stores. 

Back to School at Target comes with some pretty good deals. Backpacks start at $14.99, lunchboxes start at $9.99, and supplies are BOGO 25% off. You can save another 5% with a redcard, which is a bonus for school supplies that are typically all marked around the same at competitors. If you need to grab some back to school clothing, polos start at $5 and jeans are starting at $8. The prices are low, but you can take advantage of Target's clothing promo for $5 off $25 or $10 off $40 by using code KIDS. 

Back to school at Walmart looks a lot similar to Target. Uniform basics start at $6.97 for a polo so Target right now is a better deal. Backpacks show a really big variety on the website and have good price points with many on sale. 

Amazon is the queen of price matching. They have a mega section for back to school and if you can't find it here it doesn't exist! School supplies are broken up by age to help you navigate. For uniforms, you can buy packs of polos to save and find deals on name brands like nautica, UA, US Polo, etc., if that is your thing. 

So this is for clothing only, but you can grab great deals on uniforms. All polos are $4.99 and under, so if you don't have a Target redcard to save the extra 5% there, check out this deal to save that one cent - hey, every cent counts! Backpacks are up to 60% off, along with uniform dresses. Pants are $7.98 or less and tops start at $3.98. Right now, until Sept. 10th, if you spend $20 you earn $10 in place cash. 

Buy a backpack and save 20% off school supplies. This is a pretty good deal if you need a new backpack, as lots of items are already on sale for back to school.  

For Moms and Dads
Back to school comes with schedule changes, after school activities, and being on the go! Grab a 6qt 7in 1 instapot for $49 for a limited time to get dinner on the table quick! This sale is for 3 days only!

Verdict: If you are going to leave your house and have a redcard, Target is the place to shop. With the better deals on uniforms thanks to their current kids clothing promo code, they are currently the cheapest. If you don't want to drag all the kiddos out, then stick with Amazon or shopping Target online. If you regularly shop at The Children's Place, you can earn cash for every $20 spent, so if you will use it in the future, this is a nice plus to shopping there! 

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Nordstrom 2018 Anniversary Sale Girls Picks

My daughter is now 5 and shopping for her has become a challenge. In the past I would buy what I thought was cute, but the past year it turns out we have different tastes. I shopped online last year for the Nordstrom Anniversay Sale, but I ended up returning most of the girls items as my daughter was not a fan. This year, I went with a new strategy of taking my daughter in store with me. (Which, I know what you are thinking, this could have gone either way, luckily she was into it. I did bribe her with chic-fil-a after though...I'm not above bribery for some good behavior, I know when to pick my battles!) We met up with a personal stylist (an awesome way to shop the sale, especially if you are short on time, or lugging a 5 year old around!) and we hit the kids sections first so my daughter could show us her picks. 

Here is the haul of what caught the eye of my 5 year old. 

And if you thought one pair of pink shoes was enough, we ended up with both pairs below as well. Because 5 year old girls love pink glitter it turns out. I may return the flats since they didn't come in half sizes and I think the size we bought is too tight. My daughter really loved them though so I'm hoping she forgets we bought them and I can sneak them back to the store and size up for her to grow into. 

So, you can see we did really well on the Tucker & Tate brand, but the other brand that is always a hit during the sale is The North Face. I know it can be hard to buy jackets when it's like 100 degrees out and you haven't even taken your summer vacation yet, but it's worth it to stash away until winter. And probably not a shock to anyone reading at this point, we went with pink again here. 

Check our our recent blog post A Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to learn more about who can access the sale and when. I mentioned above that we shopped with a personal stylist. Just to note, this is a free service offered by Nordstrom and it is really easy to set up on their website. You can see a list of available time slots and give your stylist a head's up what you are on the hunt for. I used it once in the past for a business trip. For the anniversary sale, this was my first time hitting the store, vs. buying online only, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I would have been roaming all over the place without the help! Our stylist got a great idea of what I would gravitate towards just on how I was dressed, and she picked items off my wish list and also some things I hadn't even seen were part of the sale via my web searching. We were in and out in 1.5 hours and that included trying on our haul. Check out the post on our top pick's for women's items to see what we loved from women. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Top Women's Picks!

Today was the launch of the Nordstrom Anniversary Pre-Sale for Nordstrom Cardholders. Learn more about the sale by reading our previous blog post. There were some snags with the website today, so if you ordered today, or plan to, you will earn 10x reward points towards Nordstrom Notes! If you already used a personal triple points day, you will have that returned to you. I personally had trouble ordering earlier, but I'm finally able to share some top picks! Prices shows are the anniversary sale prices, available now to cardholders and available to all on July 20th. Prices go up August 5th! I absolutely love some of these items below, and some were online exclusives, so I'm anxiously waiting their arrival, happy shopping!

Women's Coats

Knit Blazer CASLON // $39.90
This is perfect for casual looks with jeans, or dress it up for work!

Women's Jeans

Mia Toothpick Skinny Jeans KUT FROM THE KLOTH // $58.90

These have some stretch to them, size down if you are in between sizes.

Perfect jeans if you are worried about your tummy! These also have some stretch to them, so size down if in between sizes.
Good Legs High Waist Raw Hem Skinny Jeans GOOD AMERICAN // $105.90
I shopped in store with a stylist (a great experience!!) and she recommended these. Perfect for curvy girls! I'm a size 10 for reference, and these fit true to size.  

Women's Shoes
Loafers are in because they are comfy and stylish. Ok, this pair isn't the trendiest look but they are so comfy, and a great neutral to pair with pretty much anything. 

VINCE CAMUTO // $99.90

Can't go wrong with a Vince bootie - there are a lot of options! I like the look of this one and the color is a great neutral. 

These were a huge hit! I bought in black and plan to pair it with leggings and cardigans to get out of my funk of just wearing flip flops around!
I'll admit I'm not a runner so I can't comment on that aspect, but these are cute and comfy. I love the color!



BP. // $31.90

Blush is in! This is a soft cardigan and at a great price point. Buy TTS and its still an oversized look, will be cute with leggings and jeans!


Barefoot Dreams are a higher price point for cardigans, but they are SO SOFT! If you can swing it, this is a must have. I personally don't wear it out of the house and treat it more like PJs, but that's just my preference. Size down if in between sizes, this is generous in sizing. 

Puff Sleeve Sweater HALOGEN // $45.90 
Step up your game, the sleeves take this basic sweater up a notch!
This is a more fitted cardigan than some others and would be great for work. 

Live In High Waist Leggings

ZELLA // $35.90

The name says it all, you will live in these. They are a little thick for actually working out in, in my opinion, but they are perfect to wear with tunics. 

ZELLA // $24.90

A fun detail on the back of this top!

'Plank' Pants ZELLA // $41.90

Another favorite for lounging around it! I work from home so I grab these a lot. 

ZELLA // $22.90

Very cute, your bra straps may show through the mesh depending on what you wear under it, just FYI!


RAILS // $104.90

I know...this is pricey for a plaid shirt. They are so soft and well made. If you can't pull the trigger now, Amazon sometimes has good deals on this!

January Tee FREE PEOPLE // $31.90

Oversized, like all things from Free People, size down! Very comfy and great with skinny jeans of leggings.

GIBSON // $45.90

I'm a big fan of this brand. Can't go wrong, wear this to work or keep it casual!

There are so many great items, really something for everyone in the sale! Don't forget, today only 7Jul18 until 11:59 pacific time, all orders earn 10x points per dollar spent! It takes 2000 points to earn a $20 reward note. 

Shop other categories: 

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Don't forget - Amazon Prime Day is coming up next! Read about that sale here. 

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

End of Season Sale Round-up

Now that we just hit July 4th, summer is over!
Just kidding! It is, however, time for end of season sales to launch pretty hard, so it's a great time to shop ahead for next year, especially for kids. In August we will start to see back to school sales and fall merchandise will be making an appearance soon.

Here's a list of some great end of season sales going on right now (as of 5Jul18). Click the name of the store to take you directly to the sales!

Gap: Up to 70% off plus 40% off your purchase with code HAPPY

Boden: Up to 50% off, plus code LA8L gets you another 10% off your purchase. Free shipping at $49

Hanna Andersson: Clearance sale with tons of styles under $20. Free shipping at $100.

Old Navy: The entire store is up to 60% off. Plus you get 30% off at checkout, no code needed. Earn super cash, $10 for every $25 you spend.

Janie and Jack: End of season sale, up to 60% off. Free shipping over $100

Wayfair: Up to 70% off (with bedding at 75% off) and everything ships for free!

Kohls: EXTRA20 is 20% off and earn $10 for every $50 spent in Kohls cash

Tea Collection: Code COOLDOWN for an extra 40% off end of season sale items

Macy's: up to 70% off clearance. Extra 10-20% off (depends on departments) with code FOURTH. Code FOURTH25 gets you $10 off $25. Plus donate $3 and get another 25% off.

Ulta: Up to 50% off Jumbo hair care products. Code 690964 gets you $3.50 off a $15 purchase.=

H&M: up to 70% off sale items, free shipping over $40

Sperry: Semi-Annual Sale, up to 50% off 200 styles

Gymboree: Up to 80% off the entire store and free shipping at $50

Hollister: All clearance is 60-70% off. Free shipping over $50

The Children's Place: 50% off all apparel and free shipping. 30% off shoes, outerwear and accessories.

There are some pretty big sales coming up in July. Check out our other blog posts to know more about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Amazon Prime Day. 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Amazon Prime Day 2018

Amazon Prime Day is one of the best sales each year for
those that love all things Amazon. The sale is open only
to Prime members, so if you have been thinking of
joining, now is the time! You can sign up for a
free 30 day trial as well that will get you through the
sale, but I think once you have it, you will find it hard to 
live without! Beyond access to this sale, members enjoy
free 2 day shipping, Prime video (think Netflicks 
competitor), Prime music, Prime reading, Prime
photos, and so much more. The membership is a
yearly fee, but you can cancel at any time.
It’s been announced that the sale will launch on July 16th
at 3pm EST through July 17th at 11:59 pm for 36 
hours. Last year there were also daily deals in the days
leading up to the sale as well to take advantage of! 
No one knows for sure what products will be included,
but it’s across the board in all categories, so there is 
something for everyone. Of course, there is a big push
for the purchases of Amazon products, so now is the 
time to buy electronics such as Echo, Kindle, Firetv, and
the new Fire TV Cube. If you are looking to turn 
your home into a smart home with Amazon products,
this is the sale to make it happen!
Here is a look at last year’s sales by category
3.5 million toys
50,000 TP-Link smart plugs
200,000 dresses
300,000 lightbulbs
100,000 Amazon Launchpad items
45,000 pairs of headphones
32,000 electric toothbrushes
52,000 kitchen items
37,000 power tools
Here are our best tips to help you get the most of this
1) Follow us on Facebook to get up to date alerts on the
best sales this day has to offer!
2) Turn on 1 Click Purchases. It lets you click the item you want
to buy and the payment method is already 
linked, along with your shipping address. Update in your Amazon
account and click on “1-Click Settings” to set it up. Best
option to not miss out on deals that are selling fast!

3) Watch Lightening Deals. You may need to act fast on
sale items, if you see an upcoming deal, click “watch” and set an
alert so you are reminded when the deal goes live.
Lightening Deals are watchable only 24 hours ahead
and they launch as often as every 5 minutes.

4) Add the Amazon App to your phone. This makes it easy to
get notifications but enabling your watched and waitlisted deals
as mentioned above.

5) Ask Alexa! This year think about giving Alexa a try by asking
for Prime day deals. There may be additional savings
during the sale that are only available if you shop through Alexa.
This feature is available on Amazon devices.

Lastly, remember that Amazon Prime Day sales will help
drive down the competition. If you are not a Amazon
prime member and don’t wish to become one,
check out the deals still and shop
around, you may find a competitor has lowered their price as well.
Last year, this day prompted other retailers to offer 
discounts as well, especially free shipping.

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This goes to funding coffee breaks for 3 moms who work to bring you the best deals! Thanks for your support.